Our Activities

Main Activities

  1. Adopt-A-School: A Breakfast Club established for the feeding of those children coming to school without meals. The view is to improve academic performance and social development of the children through pitching general interest in school and attendance rates. Currently FBBT has adopted Moamogwa Primary School in the Kweneng District and hopes to adopt more. The program also offers other services to alleviate poverty, e.g. clothing distribution.
  2. Flash Feeding Events: For the elderly, pensioners and children ( Have held these in villages including Sasakwe, Mochudi, and Mogobane in which a 100 beneficiaries were targeted at a time), and will include:
    • On-Going Scheduled Feeding Programs – e,g, soup and mobile kitchens.
    • Food Drives – to source out supplies and items for food banks and pantries.
  3. Sustainable Food Production projects, e.g. fish farming, vegetable gardens, etc.
  4. Food Banks: for storage and coordination of food collected in different districts.
  5. Clothing Distribution
  6. Education
  7. Advocacy